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The Modern Solution for Metal Service Centers
Your business is complex, your software shouldn’t be
Automate workflows, view data insights in real-time, and enhance cross-department connectivity with CloudForge
Advanced Inventory Management: CloudForge's AI-driven system streamlines inventory control with smart search capabilities, real-time updates, automated reordering, and demand forecasting, optimizing stock levels and inventory tracking for maximum efficiency and reduced inventory costs.
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automated quoting and sales order management
Enhance the order lifecycle using smart automation to reduce manual tasks, enabling swifter quote generation, response times, sales order creation, fulfillment, buy-out handling, expedited customer deliveries, and accelerated speed to sale.
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Smart Production Scheduling and Operations
Harness the power of CloudForge for drag and drop scheduling, resource allocation, progress tracking, production allocation reporting, and more to reduce lead times and optimize your production processes.
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Real-Time Analytics & Actionable Insights
Access instant data-driven insights through CloudForge's advanced analytics and dashboard view, enabling users to effortlessly identify trends and seize opportunities for ongoing growth, without the need for manual report generation.
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Online Ordering and Customer Portal
Streamline customer ordering with our intuitive e-commerce platform, boosting sales and saving time for your sales team. Enhance client relationships with automated order updates and access to vital documentation (MTRs, BoLs, etc).
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Embrace a seamless, intuitive interface designed to foster increased agility, collaboration, and efficiency.
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