The premier workflow automation and data insights software, tailor-made for Metal Service Centers (MSCs) – the backbone of America's industrial economy.
Metal Service Centers hold a pivotal position in the metal supply chain, processing and distributing half of the 88MM tons of steel produced in the US annually. Essential industries depend on MSCs for everything from aircraft and skyscrapers to HVAC units and medical devices.

Yet, despite their critical role, MSCs are held back by a software market dominated by outdated legacy solutions from the '70s and '80s, costing the $220B industry over $10B in unrealized earnings.

For far too long, this vital sector has been confined to archaic software. We've decided it's time for a change.

Driven by our customer-centric philosophy, CloudForge is pioneering an Intelligent Workflow Automation system to empower MSCs to boost revenue, reduce costs, and save time.

Say goodbye to the ERPs of the past - join us in forging a new future.
Why we care about
Metal Service Centers
​​When you hear the heat turn on in the dead of winter, feel the pressure build as a plane accelerates down the runway, or step into an elevator, you likely don’t think of Metal Service Centers. But the reality is, MSCs play a critical role in processing and distributing the materials that are pervasive in our daily lives. Without MSCs, there would be no planes, office buildings, refrigerators, medical devices, or HVAC systems.

MSCs don’t simply process and distribute metals to businesses across the US and Canada. They serve as the economic bedrock of small towns and cities across the country. However, these critical businesses have been overlooked by the software industry.

Today, MSCs rely on antiquated software providers that lack the necessary quoting, CRM, reporting, communications, and other features required to optimally operate an MSC. With the incumbent solutions, MSCs lack the functionality necessary to manage customer relationships, understand customer demand, quote projects seamlessly, provide customers with project updates, and much more. Even a small error can cause a delay in order fulfillment, which can threaten the sale, put the customer relationship in jeopardy, and reduce revenue.

Automating these workflows will not only improve operational efficiency, fulfill more orders, and increase revenue but it will also ensure manufacturers and construction firms have continued access to the quality products that are foundational to our infrastructure and power the economy.
Our Investors
​​Our investors are a core part of the CloudForge team. They believe in our vision, mission, and dream to revolutionize the metal value chain.

They’re not only talking about it but putting their money behind it. They’ve helped launch some of the top B2B Vertical SaaS companies, and we’re excited to have them as mentors along our own journey.